Friday, August 2, 2013

Walking on Broken Glass

Rating:  3 stars

I opened this book with decidedly mixed feelings; the main character, Leah, does not seem very connectable to me in the beginning.  I have never been drawn to alcohol or drugs, and I find the way she handles her problems and the way she handles her relationship with her husband weak and superficial at best.  As the book went on, and Leah admitted herself into rehab and began to explore her relationships with the people there, a more Christian undertone went through it.  I am not a huge fan of Christian fiction, I feel that it ends up being too preachy, and I think that this book did just that.  Even halfway through the book, I had difficulty relating to the characters and the way that Leah was handling herself even in AA.  The ending was a redeeming quality, but I feel overall the book lacked luster.


  1. Quite an honest review...:)
    Joining your blog...


  2. Thanks for the feedback Rubina. I try to make my reviews as honest as possible, providing both negative and positive feedback. I appreciate you joining!