Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Witch's Stone

Rating:  4 stars

From the beginning, this book grabbed me and wouldn't let me go.  From the setting, in Scotland, to the characters themselves, to the atmosphere, Ms. Brown does an absolute stellar job in creating the scene for her tale.  From the title, I was expecting something more paranormal in nature, but then I was pleasantly surprised to see the reality of the situation come out.  The main character, a previously broken woman, at war with the demons within herself, keeps the story driving in a direction where you are completely unsure of the outcome.  Caid, her male protagonist, is juicy in all the right places, and flawed in his own right.  This writer's ability to make flaws in her characters doesn't draw away from the story--in fact, the flaws she creates for her characters only proceed to drive them more energetically together!  The only criticism I would make for this book is that there were some jumpy scene changes, where a character would be in one place, and then in another, with no clear delineation of time.

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