Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Vampire Club

 Rating:  3 stars

Opening this novel, I was preparing myself for the vampire version of the Babysitter's club, as the title promised.  In that regard, I wasn't disappointed.  The book opens on a group of college students majoring in Vampire Studies, with the only interest of finding the existence of vampires.  I thought that this premise was an interesting one, and I hadn't read before any books about a club finding the existence of vampires before, so I kept reading. 

The book continued in a pleasant way, the storyline was engaging and the characters amusing, but for me there were definitely a few issues.  The author uses the word "for" a lot--"for this reason," "for that was why"...that drives me nuts.  There is a time and a place for the word for, and it's not in every other sentence.  Also, when the ending occured, I don't like the way the main character approached it.  It was the culmination of his goal--and yet he felt condemned?  I know that a drastic change like that can alter a person's perspective, but that seemed a little extreme. 

If you want a good read, though, with an amusing plotline and a twist on your traditional vampire novel, this one's for you!

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