Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Last Killiney


Rating:  4 stars

This book read a lot like "outlander" by Diana Gabaldon to me.  I loved that book, and I enjoyed this one too.  I thought that the Disneyland arc at the beginning was unnecessary, though, besides the fact that it just set up a connection?  It could have started out with them as adults, with the flashback, and I feel it would have fit into the story a little better.  Overall, though, I did enjoy the premise of the novel.  I have dabbled in writing this genre of novel, but it is difficult to keep timelines straight, and I commend the author for doing that.  The resistance put up by Killiney seemed genuine, and the characters themselves had quite a bit of depth of character.  The story was rich, the characters believable, and the entire thing was enjoyable.

Monday, June 2, 2014



Rating:  3 stars

Vampire novesl have been the same story for so long, I don't know why I try to find something different.  This book, at least, showed a different side of vampires that was interesting.  Born vampires, instead of just created.  This young adult novel tried to make a more tame version of the classic Dracula story,  but the love triangle that is going on is just...weird.  Kai is soooo emo, it almost disgusted me to keep reading.  And then, when he was so clingy when Alice is gone, I didn't blame her for what she did.  The whole novel tried to show an adult theme, but I think the author was targeting the wrong audience here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Double Blind

Displaying front cover Double Blind.jpg

Rating:  5 stars


I must admit, this book seemed to be a read that would just be enjoyable.  However, the moment I opened the pages and began reading, the book completely entranced me.  The way Tiffany writes her novels is beyond brilliant- her characters have flaws that are comical, and that add an interesting element to the already well-thought out story.  The plot seemed generic at first, the typical "I need to rescue my idiot brother at substantial risk to myself".  But, that's where the similarities ended.  I enjoyed the way the author put her characters into compromising situations, and in this novel, unlike a lot of thrillers, you find yourself rooting for the underdogs, the nerds, rather than some kind of physically superior macho hero.  The way the author handled the comedy and the wittiness in the series was commendable.  It made for a fast-paced, enjoyable read, and I finished the book in two days.

Tiffany's favorite character of mine by far is Toesy.  The way his character was created, the way the cat interacted with the humans, had me laughing out loud where I sat.  And then, as the story went on, the antics the cat got into to save the "Great Man" and his other friends were engaging and addicting.  Deli and Carl, the two main characters, are well-rounded and flawed, which made the reading enjoyable.

If I had to put one criticism in this review, it would be that I wasn't particularly fond of the relationship dynamic between Paul and Deli.  I thought it was more of an afterthought, and even though Paul was the one they were supposed to be finding, he was very rarely mentioned until just the end of the novel.  The way the author handled that relationship and the conflict at the end, though, made me smile.

I would recommend this book to everyone.  And I have.  It was fantastic, and I cannot wait for the next installment to come out.  I will definitely be reading!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Justice Incarnate


Rating:  5 stars

The title of this book was what initially grabbed me, and in the first few pages I was sucked in and couldn't be let go.  Just like Jaden, it felt like I was trapped- her in this warped time/space continuum, me within the pages of this novel.  I don't think I have read a novel so fast in a long time.  The tension between her and the judge is palpable, and it makes for a very fascinating, edge-of-your seat read.  I love the way the author strings her readers along, and I shamelessly admit I was dragged the entire way.  I won't give anything away, but the characters have so much depth and breadth to them you will not be disappointed in this book.

Friday, May 16, 2014



Rating:  3 stars

This book...well, this book was very on the edge for me.  It's a vampire novel, and it seemed to take a very realistic take on vampires, which was refreshing...but that was where the book and I ceased to get along.  Ava's relationships with both of the boys in her life seem mediocre at best.  There is no real heat, no real passion...no real emotion, to be honest.  The man she enslaves seems to have more connection to his emotions than she does.  Overall, the book just seemed to lack substance for me.  There was nothing about it besides the way they portray vampires that really makes it stick out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trace's Psychic


Rating:  4 stars

This book started out a little slow, and I admit, I almost put it down.  I'm very glad I didn't, though.  The connection between Trace and the psychic is electrical, and you can practically feel it stunning you through the pages.  I can't decided whether it's more of a mystery or a romance novel, though.  It has one foot in each of the worlds, but it does a good amount of justice to each.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about the fantasy element that they did throw in, but they way they covered it up to allow Aislinn to live among people normally is a good one.  I'd read another book from this author, definitely.   I just wish the beginning had been a little more fast paced; if someone reading it had been a little less dedicated, they may have put it down before the story really got good.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Pearl Savage


Rating:  3 stars

I almost put this book down.  I really did.  The grammatical mistakes and the way the author strung the words together just didn't do it for me, and that hurt me a lot.  I like my books to be well put together, with very few grammatical mistakes in them.  The idea behind this one, though, kept me continuing even as I looked at it with trepidation.

I'm very glad I did.  The story itself, the concept of it, is an intriguing one.  There are so many dystopian novels out there right now about what could happen to the world, but this one was a whole new brand of different for me.  I won't give anything away in this review, but the way that this author wrote about a possible future involving the specifics that she did was commendable.  I ended up enjoying the book so much, I got the rest of them as well.  I look forward to reading the continuation of Clara's story, even if I do have to look past the grammar to do it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Eye of the Witch


Rating:  3 stars

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this book.  I liked the idea that a retired cop could still do so much, and I did enjoy the touch of the occult that went into this novel, but after that the rest of my review will be a little muddled.  Granted, I came into this book before reading book 1, and so some of the connections seemed a little far-stretched to me, but there are definitely a few things that I liked and disliked about this particular novel.

The conversations and relationships between the characters seemed strained, and maybe even a little fake.  There were some things within the novel about solving the case that just seemed to be too easy, even with the aspect of the occult thrown in.

I did like, however, the story itself.  The characters were interesting, and they each had their own quirks and strengths, which I liked.  I enjoyed the way the author could visualize for me each character he wrote for.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Rating:  4 stars

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this short little novella.  It was a fascinating concept to, for once, have the tables turned.  As the story progressed, I was beginning to see the ending coming, but I always wondered just who it was that was going to come out on top.  The way this author ended this short, quaint little story had me laughing at the end, which gave me some very interested looks from people sitting around me.  It was twisted, and it was perfect.  A dose of your own medicine, indeed.  I would like to read more of this author's.  The only negative I can really say is that I would've liked to get to know the players a little better.  I was teased with a taste, and then it was ripped from me.  That, though, was part of the enjoyment, and it kept me wanting to find out more, and had me guessing about what the author didn't actually tell us.  Overall, enjoyable for a quick read.

Sunday, March 23, 2014



Rating:  5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. The premise behind it at first seemed like every other dystopian novel, alternate reality, no individuality...that kind of thing. However, I was very much impressed with the collective "we" used in the novel. I enjoyed the...sameness, that everyone had, and then I enjoyed the process by which Equality learned his individuality. The discovery was enjoyable, the characters were believable..the book overall, though short, is a very satisfying read.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Accidental Hero


Rating:  1 star

The premise of this book was both interesting and compelling; who wouldn't want to read about a mob man who wants redemption?  However...the premise of the book was where the interest stopped for me. It became very preachy, very much a religion based novella instead of anything else.  Religion has its place in novels, but I am not a fan of the ones that shove the religion down your throat and make you feel like the scum of the earth.  So, for me, this gets one star.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Rating:  5 stars

I received Hollowland as a free book on the Kindle, and to be honest, as a zombie novel I wasn't expecting much.  However, I found myself drawn to Remy as a character, and to the time-tested tale of her looking for her brother, who survived the zombie invasion when they were in quarantine.  Now, the reasons behind him leaving were obviously veiled in the beginning, and the reader is obviously aware of it.  Come on now, who takes a sick 8 year old boy instead of healthy people?

As the story goes on, though, you begin to be invested in the characters involved.  Lazlo, Blue, Harlow, even the craziness that is Koerech and the refugees, all of these become faces, real people in your mind's eye.  In zombie novels, too often people are put forward as attractive, would-be heroes and then they are taken all too soon, usually in a gory manner.

Hocking does a good job of keeping it feeling like a zombie novel, while still keeping true to the character's story.  I felt like this book was more like the Walking Dead than, say, Dawn of the Dead.

I read this book through to the end, and I couldn't stop!  I hope that the second book lives up to the delivery the first book offered.

Friday, January 31, 2014



Rating:  4 stars

I enjoyed this sequel to Fury.  I really liked the fact that this story continued with Roane, rather than with Merrick and Nikki.  It was interesting to see more of that particular character, though the tension between him and Marcus seemed a little staged, as did the convenience of him meeting his supposed soulmate.  Altogether, though, Anya didn't disappoint with her romantic elements, and the characters were still connectable.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Rating:  3 stars

I find it difficult to really describe how I feel about this book.  When I figured out what it was that they were trying to make the main character do, I was outraged for her.  And then, the story came bam! in your face, and then abruptly, stopped.  I would have liked some serious back story into the entirety that was Merrick and Roane, how a cougar came to be among wolves, and I was disappointed when I didn't receive any of that.  Don't get me wrong, if you want a steamy romance this certainly qualifies...but I like a little story with my romance, and that fell short for me. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



 Rating:  3 stars

Radiance was a puzzle for me.  I really did like the way the book turned out, with the starlet obsessed with stardom coming into her own, but it was the in between that was a blur.  A self-depreciating father, a mother who we never really get to know, a family tragedy...all of this whirls into a cacophony of literary prose that makes the reader want to continue, want to see what happens, no matter what the opinion of the book previously was.  On a moral sense, I didn't like how easily the author addressed adultery but I suppose that is the way the world has gone, in this day and age.  Louis has a way with words, and if you want a good coming-of-age story, with a number of life lessons along the way, this would be good for you.  I just thought there were too many elements that didn't quite jive together nicely for me. 

That Voodoo You Do


Rating:  5 stars

This book...there are not quite enough words to describe how awesome this book was by Jodi Redford.  I am as much into a steamy romance as the next girl, but this book completely spiraled that out of my comfort zone.  Threesomes, witches, zombies, familiars...all of it roiled together to create a fantastic blend of this altogether too short book.  Every second I enjoyed it, and I believe I have never read a book faster.  I recommend this book to anyone- the only real criticism I can give it is that it ended.



Rating:  3 stars

Claws took place in the Arizona wilderness, most of it.  I found that immediately intriguing, as I am a resident of Arizona.  Doubly, the main character was a big cat biologist, a secret passion of mine.  The plot was heart-pounding, and the premise interesting...but I wasn't impressed with the way the characters were handled.  I felt that more of the characters that became the victims were connectable than the actual main character herself.  I feel that this book had extreme potential, but fell short with grammar mistakes and lack of character development.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I, Run

 Rating:  5 stars

I found this book to be extremely confusing at first, a whirlwind of emotion and turmoil, of drama and sin, confusion and life lessons.  Above all things, I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable.  E.L. Farris weaves a tale that is eerily close to some peoples' hearts, closer than many would like to admit.  The story is of a runner, a woman by the name of Sally Lane, who uses running as her coping mechanism--she uses it overcome past traumas, and to deal with her inability to cope with those issues in the present day.

The perspective the novel is written in really gives insight into the inner turmoil of the main character--we are able to join her and Little Sally in their struggle to find themselves, as it were, and to find and face the demons that plague them.  The book describes familial drama, internal drama, and external forces all working to seemingly conspire against the main character.  The drama is gripping, and it does not let you go throughout the entire novel.

I enjoyed the way the author wrote immensely, and the the way the characters were portrayed brought them to life for me.  E.L. Farris is a natural writer, and it will bring enjoyment to all who read it. 



Rating:  3 stars

Always by Carol Rose was a free short story I received from the Kindle.  I don't expect much anymore from free books on Kindle, The book was sizzling enough, to be sure, and the characters were interesting to read about, but I didn't feel very...connected, to either one of the main characters.  Their story seemed to conveniently fall into place, and the way the story summed up was neat.  I understand this is a romance, and the appeal isn't about the storyline necessarily, but I think it could have been worked on a little more.