Review Policy

Review Policy!

I felt I should finally put into words my review policy. If I forget something please tell me. I am open to most anything, as long as it is presented to me!

Review copies I will accept:
-Finished copy

Self-published: I will  review self-published books.  As a self-published author, I understand how difficult it can be to get reviews.  If it is not grammatically correct, I will not finish it.  So please, please, please make sure it's a polished draft at least.

Genres I review: I will review any genre of fiction books, in general.

Genres I won't review: Nonfiction

About my reviews: I will always post a summary of the book, as well as my personal take on it, plus my rating system.  I cannot guarantee a good review.  I will also post my reviews on slice, goodreads, twitter, bookblogs, and facebook.

I work full time, I am an author myself, and I go to school-- I cannot guarantee how fast I will be able to get to your review.  I will try my hardest to get to it with all possible haste, but don't expect miracles.  I am only human.  
Other Services:  Author interviews, and promotions, if interested
Please contact me with any requests at

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