Sunday, August 30, 2015

Divided Pathways

Rating:  5 stars

I was sucked into the world of Maggie Diamond, then sucked into her grandmother's world.  I wasn't quite sure how much i would like the novel itself, with the jumping back and forth, at first.  It seemed so...disjointed, at first.  But then, the author brings together both generations and connects all the stories.  I loved it so much i couldn't get enough of it.  When the book ended, I was very sad.  But, I look forward to everything else this author will produce.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Rating:  4 stars

I very much enjoyed this novel.  It was a refreshing medical mystery with quite a bit of drama involved with it too.  The way Ken McClure writes is new and innovative.  The only thing I can say negatively about this book, and the reason it was difficult for me to get through, is because it hasn't been updated since 1991.  This makes the book feel aged and outdated, and the person who converted it to kindle format made quite a few typos.  The actual novel, though, was very good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Back to Life

Hi guys!  I've come to realize I have neglected my reading, my readers, and the people who enjoy reading my reviews far too much.  It's time to start posting again regularly, and more importantly, time to read more.  Expect posts from me at least twice a week now :)


A Touch of Greek

Rating:  5 stars

I love everything mythology.  Especially greek mythology.  I'm just going to out and say it.  I have a problem.  That being said, A touch of Greek was everything I wanted it to be- sexy, full of lore, and addicting.  The way Tina Folsom handled the characters of Triton and Sophia was alluring.  The tension was palpable, the characters were flawed, and overall the dynamic contributed to a read I enjoyed.  I've read this book twice now, and I will definitely be buying the author's other works.

I enjoyed the vengeful nature of this book as well.  The personalities of Zeus and the other gods fit in perfectly with their descriptions, and the way they interacted with mortals was believable.  The chemistry between Triton and Sophia was palpable, and the overall feel was organic and believable.