Monday, August 5, 2013


Rating:  2 stars

This book for me was a very difficult one to admit my feelings about.  One one hand, Terra writes very vivid descriptions, and I found myself whisked off to various exotic places,which was fun, and her character descriptions were good...but the storyline itself had much to be desired.  The relationship between Micah and Kaitlyn was steamy, yes, and then when it got screwed up I wanted more elaboration on it, but then it...fizzled out. 

To label this novel as eco-friendly is very deceiving.  Eco consciousness was mentioned maybe five times in the book, self-sustaining, ok.  Recycling, okay.  But, being a Gaia and bringing balance to nature, with no real explanation as to the why, the how, the modus operandi of what she actually needed to do?  I thought that there was going to be this gigantic explanation that happened, to explain away why things were going on the way they were...but there weren't.

Don't get me wrong, I like psychological thrillers as much as the next girl, and I had a hunch from the get-go that Shawn was going to be up to no good...but the whole situation there I wish was elaborated on a little more, not just I am kidnapping you and then going to rape you repeatedly in various ways and then leave you on a volcanic island, only to be defeated by a sprained ankle.  I wish for so many things to have been different with this book that could have made it fantastic, and I can only hope that there are improvements on that in the next one. 

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