Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Year of the Dead


Rating:  5 stars!

This book, I will have to say, surprised the life out of me.  The premise was absolutely terrible--a combination vampire and zombie novel, get real, right?  No.  The unique approach, albeit very far-fetched and out there, was enough to draw me into the book.  The storyline was very intriguing, with zombies, as zombies go, killing off the stupid and those not able to adapt quickly, and then vampires pick off the ones that survive.  The creation was very interesting.

The humans, the characters whose stories you follow, were connectable.  I liked how Lee jumped from chapter to chapter, almost making it a diary type of book about the characters who have to live in this hell.  Some of the characters seem almost too perfect, but I think that Lee's goal was to do that.  The one very interesting part, which kind of irritated me at first, was how focused he was on Mormons and LDS.  Then I realized, the story did set place in Utah, and the Mormoms, as he says in the book, are very prepared for emergency situations.  It was surprising, as I don't normally like books that involve religion.  All in all, this book was a very quick read, and I can guarantee i'll be picking up his next one!

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