Sunday, July 28, 2013


Rating:  3 stars

When this book advertised itself as a supernatural thriller, I was expecting something more than what I received.  The entire first half of the book was as if I was reading a travel brochure regarding Venice--the description, even the inclusion of so much Italian was too much for the story, and I think that it pulled from the storyline, if anything.  The way the author wrote was as if he expected the reader to know everything about the city in which the story takes place already, and I will be the first to admit I know nothing about Venice.  For the first half of the book, the prologue was the part that had me hooked.  The way the book began, the way the grisly truth came out, instantly had me hooked.  However, there was where the hook ended. 

At around literally 50% into the book, the pace picked up.  The supernatural "thriller" element began to build itself, but for me, I was already not as interested in the book as I would have been had the action built like a normal novel would.  However, as the book came to a close, you could see the supernatural elements that had been hidden in the beginning weaving their way into the end, to assist in the climax.  All in all, not what I expected to read...but if you are willing to invest in half a travel brochure, half a decent thriller, I would recommend it to you.

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