Thursday, July 18, 2013

While The Savage Sleeps

Rating:  4 stars

From the first couple pages, where the first murder happened, this book had me instantly hooked.  I like a good horror novel as much as the next girl, and this book did not fail to meet those expectations.  It began simply enough, with a seemingly straight-forward plot, and then it began to take very interesting turns, twisting and convoluting the storyline and making you keep guessing as to what will happen next.

The characters are interesting, the psychic aspect of it seemed a little out of place at first, but then as the storyline progressed it became more of an integral part of the plot, and gave the main protagonist (Cameron Dawson) more intuition into the crimes.  The way it wrapped up so nicely, with the explanation that was found, seemed a little too simple for me, and gave me a little bit of a disappointed twinge at the end.  But, I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone!

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