Monday, July 29, 2013


Rating:  5 stars!

I very much enjoyed this novel!  I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci fi novels, and the way that this one started out left me skeptical at first, but then I became entranced and invested in Brett's struggles, finding myself wanting to learn and grow with her.  I loved the detail of the new world, Verita.  It was incredible, the amount of detail and thought the author put into it.  I rarely gushingly rave about a book, but this one was one I found myself enjoying immensely and will be reading again.  I can't wait to acquire the second book.  As an author myself, who does cliffhanger endings, I want to congratulate this author on the use of it--I almost bought the second on the spot.  Fantastic story, well-rounded and detailed characters, and a world I would love to go to myself (I'm a biologist!)

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