Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 Rating:  3 stars

Radiance was a puzzle for me.  I really did like the way the book turned out, with the starlet obsessed with stardom coming into her own, but it was the in between that was a blur.  A self-depreciating father, a mother who we never really get to know, a family tragedy...all of this whirls into a cacophony of literary prose that makes the reader want to continue, want to see what happens, no matter what the opinion of the book previously was.  On a moral sense, I didn't like how easily the author addressed adultery but I suppose that is the way the world has gone, in this day and age.  Louis has a way with words, and if you want a good coming-of-age story, with a number of life lessons along the way, this would be good for you.  I just thought there were too many elements that didn't quite jive together nicely for me. 

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