Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shadow of Death


Rating:  4 stars

I admit, from the first page this book had me comletely hooked.  The premise of story, such a controversial time in history, has always fascinated me, and this was no exception.  I love medical dramas, being in the medical field myself, so this was right up my alley.  The story started out strong, and the tension never stopped building, not even up to the last pages.  That being said, though, there were definitely some jarring errors I noticed within this novel.

First, the drama that is involved right at the beginning of the book between Laura and Johnny seemed a little...rushed, a little brushed off.  I understand it was written within a rush of riotous scenes, but still.  The casualness in which her husband brushed off their lack of love life bothered me a little too. I know for one my husband would at least find it suspicious.

The book, though, hit quite a few things right on the head as far as accuracy goes, especially the affair and the failed relationships between the human doctors.  From what I have seen, it's all too common for that to happen in the medical world.  The action was intense, and the story kept me clinging to the pages until I got to the last page.  

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